Helpful Links

Are you interested in acquiring more information on topics related to your pet’s health or helpful tips on training and behavior? Below is a list of helpful websites on a variety of pet subjects to help you be a better pet owner and to help your pet live a happier, healthier life. At Yorktown Animal Hospital, one of our goals is to strengthen the bond you share with your pet, and we hope this page helps you do just that.

Pet Health

American Veterinary Medical Association
The AVMA provides the latest news in veterinary medicine for pet owners and veterinary professionals, including food recalls and pet health awareness events.

Pet Food & Product Recalls/Alerts
This AVMA webpage provides information on pet foods and products that have been recalled or that have safety alerts.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control
This American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals resource provides pet poison control information ranging from safety tips to toxic and non-toxic items.

American Heartworm Society
This site provides a wealth of information on heartworm disease for veterinary professionals and pet owners, including the cause, symptoms, prevention, and treatment.

Flea Control
This site provides flea control recommendations, flea control product options, and other prevention information.

Health Info & Training Tips for Pet Owners
This webpage includes information from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine for dog owners and cat owners.

TickEncounter Resource Center
This center, located at the University of Rhode Island, provides helpful information about ticks, including testing, prevention, and identification.

Pet Behavior and Training

Cattle Dog Publishing
Dr. Sophia Yin was a veterinarian who specializes in pet-friendly handling techniques. On this site, you can read her blog, watch educational videos on pet behavior, and more!

For Cat Owners

Catalyst Council
CATalyst Council is a non-profit organization that aims to advance the health, welfare, and value of companion cats.

Winn Feline Foundation
Winn Feline Foundation is an organization that’s dedicated to the health and welfare of cats.

American Association of Feline Practitioners
The AAFP provides information about cat-friendly practices, tips on caring for cats, senior care, adopting a cat, and a variety of other feline topics.

Veterinary Education

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
If you’re considering a career in veterinary medicine, AAVMC’s website is for you. It provides information on the future of veterinary medicine as well as a link to find veterinary schools near you.

Pet Loss

Pet Loss and Support
The Tufts Pet Loss Support Hotline provides a resource for people grieving the loss of a pet.