Seasonal Tips

Disaster Preparedness Tips:

Our area is prone to hurricane activity, tornados, and often storm-induced flooding, all throughout the year. Household fires caused by lightning or accidents in the home are also risks.

Being prepared is key in these situations. When getting together your hurricane kit or family emergency plan, don’t forget your pets!

Here are some basic tips to help get you started with disaster readiness for your pets:

Have a plan in place and practice BEFORE disaster strikes. This helps with successful evacuation of your family and your pets.

Assemble an animal evacuation kit: filled with food, bowls, leashes, bedding, water, copy of their veterinary records, good pictures of your pets for easy identification, and microchip numbers.

Place stickers at the front and back of your house, barn doors, and pastures to notify neighbors and rescue personnel of animals on your property, in case you are not at home when a disaster strikes.

Keep crates and kennels in an easily accessible place. Evacuation crates should be large enough for cats to have food/water bowls, litter box room, and room to lay down. Dog crates should be large enough for food/water bowls and a bed. Keep a leash by the front door. Have crates and kennels clearly labelled.

Know which evacuation shelters take animals, or know of other possible housing options, including veterinary hospital, boarding kennels, or relative.

Disasters are stressful enough on their own. Making sure your pets are safe and secure will go a long way to helping you return to regular life.

More information

If you would like more information feel free to contact us, or more extensive information and checklists can be downloaded for free here.